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Newsletter: 5 March 2018 – The next big adventure is just around the corner

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Our Cardinals President, Sonia, began our meeting on Monday 5th March with inspiring stories about the first women who joined Toastmasters. She explained that as society evolved to include women, Toastmasters has also evolved. The latest advancement is ‘Pathways’, which is a new program within Toastmasters. Shimi will tell us all about it at our March 19th meeting.

Thomas, our ‘Irish tornado’ began the evening by encouraging us not to focus on the snowy weather of the last week, but onto more tropical locations. Each functionary and speaker made us dream of sunnier days while telling us about delicious mojitos, Long Island ice teas and more obscure cocktails like Death of an Aristocrat. The grammarian, Renata, introduced the word of the day: ‘grandiose’. Michelle led us through table topics which focused on the theme of food. We learnt from Malachi that in hard times, people turn to bread. Maria recounted her disgust at tasting bacon-infused chocolate and Charles reflected on the Instagram-obsessed culture that results in people’s food getting cold while they photograph it. Imagining a world where society turns against apples, Paul warned us that apples can be deadly – not just a choking hazard but also a cause of disease! He encouraged us to eat oranges instead. Alfred did an amazing job evaluating all 11 table topics speakers.

Prepared Speeches

During the second half, we heard two ice-breaker speeches and one advanced speech. Elliot began with his ice-breaker titled ‘Adventure’ and shared about his experiences spear-fishing with sharks, working as a crew member on a ship in Mexico and becoming an art dealer. His main message: ‘The next big adventure is just around the corner’. Neil’s ice-breaker, titled ‘Speech number 1’ was somewhat unconventional. He began by saying that the one constant in his life since he was aged 18 was ‘I am extremely cheap’ and recounted his entrepreneurial activities at university, which involved him basically opening a highly-successful corner shop out of his room. He gave us tips for saving money including switching bank accounts regularly (to get the £200 cash). To finish, Jacqui (who is from another Toastmasters club) delivered a speech titled ‘Age is just a number’. She encouraged us to have ambition, let go of things and have fun throughout our lives. Her takeaway message: ‘Growing old is inevitable but ageing is not’. Our evening ended with insightful evaluations from Maria, Mohammad and Ana, as well as a General Evaluation from Carolina.

Best Table Topic - Paul

Best Table Topic – Paul

Best Speaker - Neil

Best Speaker – Neil

Best Evaluator - Maria

Best Evaluator – Maria

Ice Breaker - Neil

Ice Breaker – Neil

Ice Breaker - Elliot

Ice Breaker – Elliot

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