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Newsletter: 19 March 2018 – The new day at London Cardinals!

Posted on March 31st, 2018 by in About Us

There are so many changes happening at the London Cardinals – try keeping up with the meteoric speed of the presidential changes, the new learning programmes being introduced and some impromptu changes to the meetings. The abnormal weather meant some last minute changes to the programme and what a night it was. The participants said no to the bad weather and yes to some dazzling energy, humour and togetherness creating our usual fun evening.

Sonia our acting president opened the night (  for her last time ) as Lucia is returning from her maternity leave in early April to reclaim her position of presidency and influence, having completed one of the most important tasks of her Life!

Sonia shared her experience of a winter skiing extravaganza and encouraged all of us to video ourselves to maximise our visual training. For sure, Sonia’s legacy and creative energy will carry on shaping the club’s future through our performances and achievements!

Mo, our TM of the evening glued the meeting together with his undoubtable authority, expertly mixing in to the programme those who had booked their roles in advance and those who had no choice, but to volunteer during the evening having felt Mo’s piercing eyes on them!

Zeph, the best scientific guru of the club, delivered a speech about the health benefits of a bitter foods and fruit in our diet, in what his 7th speech. Many say it is easy to deliver scientific material, but to do so in such a lively and joyfully way, is not easy and Zeph truly shone during his delivery!

Shimi, a keen pioneer and researcher of the new educational ways at Toastmasters had a difficult challenge in preparing her speech. She spoke of ‘pathways’, with 5 competency levels for 10 different paths. Oh yes, these are coming our way, so please embrace them with the full love and care that only the London cardinals are capable of. Dive in to the resources online, or speak to Shimi to enjoy and embrace the new day and the new journeys that are available.

No awards or ribbons would have been good enough to praise those who made the evening so special. The ‘best cold freeze evaluator’ and the ‘best cold freeze speaker’ nominations went to those who spoke Zeph, Shimi, Maria and Sinead.  A good job done by all involved!

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