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Newsletter: 19 February 2018 – Keep a sense of adventure!

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On Monday 19th February, our President Sonia opened by telling us about the new Toastmasters educational program – ‘Pathways’ – which we will hear more about next month. Our Toastmaster for the night was Renata, who regaled us with the theme for the night – things we love about London Cardinals. The strong theme emerging from these reflections was around the positive, encouraging environment that we have at Toastmasters, including the way we can learn from mistakes and grow together in our public speaking journeys. Our grammarian, Richard, introduced the word of the day: ‘tenacious’.

Zeph led us through the table topics which focused on the theme of adventure and exploration. We learnt that Trang would create a time capsule for space with items including a frozen human body (!), Ana shared about the delicious deep-fried, honey-roasted insects she would cook on a desert island, Andy encouraged us all to ‘keep a sense of adventure’ in our lives, Maria entertained us with her after-hours antics in the Olympic stadium and Roland shared his very detailed descriptions of how he would create his home in a cave on the moon. Mohammed delivered very insightful evaluations, sharing recommendations for each of the table topics speakers.

Prepared Speeches

During the second half we heard three speeches. Michelle began with her speech titled ‘Fight or flight’, sharing honestly about her fear of birds and how exposure to what we are afraid of helps to reduce the power that fear has over us. Alfred’s speech, titled ‘Love on the brain’ talked about dating and mating, detailing results from scientific research focused on love. The takeaway was: ‘love is more than a feeling, there’s a whole chemistry to it’. Leonard ended with a speech titled ‘Get involved’, encouraging us all to skip the gym and focus on playing a sport instead. We learnt that the ‘healthiest sport’ is squash! The evening ended with detailed evaluations from Ana, Trang and Carolina.

An important reminder: the London Cardinals Club Contest is on Monday 12th March. If you’ve completed at least six speeches, contact Chau or Maria ASAP and sign up to compete to deliver a speech or an evaluation. We also need functionaries that night which anyone can volunteer for.

Best Evaluator - Carolina

Best Evaluator – Carolina

Best Speaker - Michelle

Best Speaker – Michelle

Best Table Topic - Roland

Best Table Topic – Roland

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