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Top 10 Tips for Toastmaster

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By Gilly Cutts, Past President 2010-2011

  1. Prior to the meeting: Think of a theme for the meeting. This could be linked to a particular date in the calendar or an event that is topical. Or it could be a personal question. What do you feel passionate about? What makes you laugh? What’s your favourite…?
  2. Contact everyone on the programme and ask them to respond to your question about the theme for the evening. Feel free to edit responses to keep the links punchy and short. This is because you need to remember, rather than read them and keeping to time is always the aim at Cardinals meetings!
  3. Get the Cardinals template for your notes from the link on our website. This will make it easy for you to keep track of the meeting and all the prompts for feedback slips and timing etc.
  4. Prepare a short introductory speech covering things such as protocol e.g. switching off phones, how the meeting works etc. and your theme for the evening. This should be no longer than 3 minutes long and should include your introduction of the Timekeeper.
  5. Arrive at 7 pm at the very latest. Check that everyone on the programme has arrived.
  6. Just before the meeting starts, check how many topics there will be and adjust the timing if necessary. You will need to announce this to your audience.
  7. Although challenging, try to do the Toastmaster role without notes in your hand or on the lectern. It looks so much more professional when done this way, using the template to glance at your snippets of information before each introduction or announcement.
  8. Whenever you sit down, look at your notes and memorise how you will say it.
  9. As Toastmaster it is your job create the up-beat energy necessary to give everyone a warm welcome as they come up and also leave the front of the room. This is particularly important in the second half of the meeting.
  10. Have FUN!