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Top 10 Tips for Timekeeper

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By Danny Callaghan, CC

  1. Arrive at 7:00pm, and practice working the stop watch and lights before you start so you know exactly how to make the lights go on and off.
  2. Before going up to explain the role, ask a person sitting nearby to work the lights while you explain what they mean.
  3. For your explanation be sure to explain what the colours in the programme mean – but remember red doesn’t mean you can’t say any more, it means it’s time to wrap up – you can go a few seconds over.
  4. Have an introduction prepared for your opening segment about the importance of keeping to time.
  5. You’ll be getting up three more times – to report on the table topics, the speeches, and the evaluators.
  6. For the table topics (and the speeches and the evaluators), you need to write down (i) the name of the person (ii) what they spoke about and (iii) how long they spoke for, so have columns ready on a piece of paper so you can just note down these details.
  7. If people go to the red light and aren’t wrapping up don’t be afraid to honk the horn.
  8. Don’t forget to time and note down how long the table topic evaluator took.
  9. Remember to mention the table topic evaluator when you give your report on the speech evaluators.
  10. Be sure to give high energy reports that keep the meeting buzzing.