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Top Ten Tips for the Table Topics Evaluator

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By Gilly Cutts, Past President 2010-2011

  1. BEST VIEW It is best to sit is at the back of the room on an isle seat to check that you can see and hear each speaker clearly
  2. FOCUS AND SPEED ARE THE SECRET Take notes on each topic speaker to form the basis of a 20 – 30 second maximum evaluation of each (or even less if there are over a dozen speakers to evaluate!) There is not enough time to exceed this! If you do, it will result in some speakers not having feedback after your red light.
  3. ADDRESS THE WHOLE ROOM When called upon by the Toastmaster to give your evaluations, strive to deliver feedback in the third person and ensure you address the whole room rather than each speaker you are evaluating. i.e. Bill did this particularly well” as opposed to “Bill, you did this particularly well ”That way, everyone benefits from the feedback, especially the recommendations.
  4. KEEP IT BRIEF Comment briefly on each topic. There will only be time for one commendation, one recommendation and one final commendation. Never more than that!
  5. OVERALL IMPRESSION – look for any obviously good points & areas for improvement
  6. KEEPING TO TOPIC Did the speaker keep to the topic?
  7. CONSTRUCTION – i.e. beginning, middle and end
  8. PRESENTATION – eye contact, gestures, vocal variety etc.
  9. CONTENT– informative, original, humorous, interesting etc.
  10. KEEP UP THE PACE! When the red light goes on, you need to finish! If you are overtime, you will create disappointment for some speakers who will not receive their feedback until the meeting is over. So, keep to time!