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Top 10 Tips for the President

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By Nigel Cutts, Founding President

As President of London Cardinals, you are its ultimate leader and captain of the ship. You determine its heartbeat. Its success and direction depend on you! These ten tips are intended to help you maintain the great tradition of Cardinals Presidents.

  1. Start every meeting with an inspirational story and include a brief (but varied) history of Toastmasters
  2. Be authentic – act with honesty, consistency and integrity
  3. Let others see your commitment and passion
  4. Give your fellow members validation, understanding and love
  5. Work to develop a culture of learning, encouragement and a collegiate atmosphere
  6. Combine listening, genuine recognition and appreciation
  7. Don’t allow hidden agendas and make sure people resolve their differences directly with each other
  8. Learn to take people with you and, as they grow, they will take you with them
  9. Believe in yourself and your team. Treat them as equals
  10. Step back and give people space to step into. The trick is to create the vacuum, not fill it