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Top 10 Tips for the General Evaluator

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By Gilly Cutts, Past President, 2010-2011

  1. The General Evaluator is responsible for evaluating all the speaking assignments that haven’t already been evaluated. i.e. all except Table Topics and speeches. We hope that you have fun and enjoy the meeting!
  2. A table is set at the back of the room for you to take notes.
  3. Make notes on any aspect of the meeting (organisation, ambience, etc) that you think deserves a commendation or recommendation
  4. Make notes on timing of meeting i.e. meeting started on time and after the break.
  5. What was the mood of the meeting? Were there any special moments that provoked a strong response from the audience
  6. Did the audience find the meeting interesting, informative and entertaining?
  7. Make notes on performances of all the functionaries, evaluators and other speakers, other than the prepared speeches and table-topic speakers.
  8. As with any other evaluation, try to include both commendations and recommendations for each speaker.
  9. Give your report when called on by the Toastmaster.
  10. Take care not to exceed the time allowed. The timekeeper will use the horn when your time is up and you will b expected to return to your seat!