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Congratulations Simon Bucknall!!

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Congratulations to Simon Bucknall, former Cardinals member and District 91 International Speech Contest winner, for finishing Second in Toastmasters International – World Championship of Public Speaking 2017.

Heres a video of Simons Speech on YouTube

Newsletter: 21 August 2017 – What has love got to do with it?

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Who needs theatre, cinema, TV or stand-up comedy entertainment when you can get it all and with some soul touching moments at London Cardinals on Monday night? And you will carry on through your working week truly energised from the experience. The meeting on the 21st of August was just more proof of why you need to ditch all your arrangements on Monday evening and be learning, getting inspired and entertained at London Cardinals

Lucia our president kicked off the meeting with the question: who watches ‘Game of Thrones’? Lucia also read a beautiful piece of literature created by Guy Doza followed by a playful analysis of the rhetorical devices used in the text. It was a truly engaging opening to the evening.

The meeting was held together by our very own Christina, who introduced the speakers and functionaries on to the stage with information about how many years they have been with Toastmasters.

Shimi, Table Topics mistress, led the session with a very unusual twist. All participants had to state which dream job they would love to have and then table topics were tailored to their answers!

Prepared speeches

The second half of the meeting was very emotional with an element of freshness added to the flow of the program. We had 3 external participants from different clubs: Brad gave an incredible evaluation for Renata’s advanced speech; Jacqui was the third speaker and Brian was GE.

The bravest of the brave in London Cardinals our one and only Chau took the stage and stole our attention with the London Cardinals challenge. We learned about the nation which defeated America and what need to be done to tame a woman!

Renata delivered project N1 from the story telling manual called: ‘The little Match Girl’ captured by Hans Christian Anderson. It was an emotional performance illustrating the hardships of life in the Victorian industrialisation period.

Our guest Jacqui spoke about an unnecessary complexity of 5 star hotels in terms of technological gadgets, which make life of world travellers over complicated, especially when a person just has a basic wish to have a shower!

Project N10 called: ‘What has love got to do with it?’ from CC manual signifying a very important milestone in the Toastmasters speaking journey was delivered by our bombastic Thomas. This was an epic speech and full of very revealing life reflections about who he truly is and his viewpoint on the concept of love and life. A career is all about results, but life is about the journey. Life is for living to its fullest meaning.


London Cardinals is a President Distinguished club!

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We are one of only 8 clubs in our district that has achieved the max of 10 Distinguished Club points.

This is a trademark of our high quality and hard work and we couldn’t have done it without OUR MEMBERS!

Our experienced members

7 members completed 10 speech projects and achieved their Competent Communicators Awards:
Carolina, Ting, Lucia, Christian, Sinead, Emilie, Cecily

2 members achieved Competent Leadership Awards: Shimi and Sonia

Jenny achieved Advanced Communications Gold Award!
Paul is now a distinguished Toastmaster, achieving the DTM Award!

Our new members

10 Icebreakers: Charles, Christia, Ellie, Helene, Issam, Joey, Joshua, Joy, Malachi, Nita


Newsletter: 7 August 2017 – I am a citizen of the world and where are you from!

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Renata was the toastmaster of the evening and the general theme of the evening was early summer time childhood memories. The responses from all the functionaries were multi-coloured, full of warm summer sunshine and happiness.

Maria, who held the role of grammarian came up with an incredible suggestion for the word of the day: dashing. The word well-loved and used by the members and the functionaries and effectively has been gracefully transported from period dramas into the contemporary platform of our London cardinals meeting.

Our energetic and fun loving Thomas engaged the audience with an incredibly stretching table topic session. The brave speakers had to come up with their polished answers about: Putin versus Trump; nuclear weapons and threats to humankind; Kim Jong-Un; and why Melania Trump is forced to dress “off the rack”.

Prepared speeches- one Ice breaker!

The second half of the meeting was equally engaging as the first half. Michelle delivered her icebreaker called: Where are you from? The audience learned about Michelle’s complex national identity and her quest for her roots. The speech had a powerful ending stating that Michelle regards herself as a citizen of the world and she asked her audience: where are you from?

Joey with project number two gave us an incredible insight into the world of dreams and their interpretations. Do our dreams just reveal our hidden fears and desires? Or are they reflections of our daily life, which come back to us at night with potent messages?

Mohammed with project number seven brought to everybody’s attention how social media can promote the wrong heroes. Mohamed went on to guide us through the work of three unsung heroes who do not bask in the glory of mass media, in spite of being responsible for changing the lives of millions and millions of people around the globe.

Chau blew our minds with her incredibly energetic and bravely performed speech nine!  With first initial swishes of Chau’s skirt and well-rehearsed dance movements came realisation to all of us that Chau’s life is so multi-dimensional and there are sides of her life, which have not been discovered by the London Cardinals family!

Bravo to our winners of the evening

Best Speech

Sonia – Table topics!
Michelle- The best speech!
Carolina- The best evaluator!

A fond farewell to Danny who is now leaving Cardinals and moving to Japan.

Upcoming Events: Humorous Speech Contest & Presidents Roast Party

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London Cardinals social diary is getting busy with Humorous Speech Contest (Sep,11th) and Past Presidents Roast Party (Nov, 15th)
Lots of great opportunities to participate!

Newsletter: 31 July 2017 – A Magical Evening with a Holiday Theme

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Emile was our toastmaster this evening, our word of the week was magical which became intertwined with Paula’s table topics theme of holidays.

Furthermore, Emile had asked each of her functionaries for a book recommendation for a beach read and I for one was jotting down some future reads…

Our president Lucia got  us all excited about upcoming events: The humorous speech contest on 11th of September and The Past Presidents Roast Party on 15th November!

Prepared Speeches – Advanced Speech and Danny’s last speech at London Cardinals!

Arnab gave us a speech entitled Leap of Faith. He told us about a bungee jump that he got “roped into” as part of a close friend’s attempt at overcoming vertigo. We were there with him as he took that jump and he drew the parallel to Toastmasters and the leap of faith that we take there each time we come.

Leonard gave us a speech about the Curse of Sam Maguire. How a Gaelic football team, Mayo, have been cursed for six decades…since 1951 when they last won the Sam Maguire cup. It might have been a speech about an ill-fated team but it was filled with humour…

Shimi delivered an advanced interpretative reading project number 3. Her reading was entitled “The Unbalanced Mind” and brought us into the life inside the head of a man with dementia. It was moving and contemplative.

Long time member Danny gave us his final and winning speech before his move to Japan. It was a storytelling piece “World War One: the Beginning” and talked us through the international politics at play, national allegiances and showed us how one month’s decisions led to four years of war. And argued that there is more than one lesson that can be taken from history.

Nita won table topics with a tale of how Wagner’s Ride of the Valkries evokes memories of a family driving holiday from her childhood in a burgundy morris marina, driving along an unmade road with the evocative smell of her brother’s socks.

Danny won best speech.

Sonia won best evaluation with her review of Danny’s speech but also her warm words to wish him well with his upcoming move.

Best Speaker

Congratulations to Danny, Nita and Sonia!!!

Newsletter: 17 July 2017 – It’s about the journey and enjoying every moment.

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Mohammed stood in for Lucia as president and Maggie was a very safe pair of hands as our Toastmaster this evening. It was particularly poignant as it is her tenth anniversary of joining Toastmasters and she told her how this has enabled her to take on other roles in life. For one: becoming a tour guide for the British Museum. Maggie baked to celebrate and there was an abundance of Victoria sponge to fuel us for the evening. All those on the programme had been asked what Toastmasters had helped them to achieve and it was great to hear how much it has equipped us all.

Word of the night was “tantalise” and Table Topics was summer themed with scenarios from childhood memories, sandcastle building to how to eat fish and chips on a harbour side and simultaneously see off hungry aggressive sea gulls.

Four top notch speeches

Thomas gave us a speech around choice in relation to work, career and life choices.  He told us that for him, work is all about the result, for career he likes to plan to stages ahead and life? It’s about the journey and enjoying every moment.

Arnab let us in on some of the marketing ploys that get us to use more and more….  Toothpaste, shampoo and how the imagery and language encourage us to consume.  A pea sized amount of toothpaste is all we need.

Gino spoke to us about Sam the balloon dog. A story packed full of humour, intrigue, adventure and visual imagery. His six year old son featured in the story and was there to hear the story.

We were delighted to welcome Simon Bucknall as our guest, former Cardinals member and District 91 International Speech Contest winner. Simon is off to Vancouver for the World Championship of Public Speaking in August and is testing his speech material. He gave us a speech called “To be perfectly honest” that helped us to stop worrying about what others think, or trying to be perfect.  It was full of characters larger than life that sounded fictional but were actually real..from professors specialised in medieval suicide to schoolboys searching for their path in life.

The ribbon for Table Topics went to Chau for her story on how she would protect her fish and chips from aggressive seagulls with some equally aggressive eating. The ribbon for the best speech was awarded to Gino (and son) and tonight’s Best Evaluator ribbon went to Danny.

Newsletter: 19 June 2017 – Let the Party Begin!

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President Lucia opened the meeting with a very summery seasonal welcoming speech about a little boy, who instead of delivering a speech in front of his friends, asked his parents:  let the party begin!

The motto: ‘let the party begin’ has been diligently taken over by our energetic toastmaster Thomas – who has woven things together with the theme of the evening: summer time, holidays and travel time.

The chosen theme has proven to be a great hit with everyone who took part in the program and we all learned a lot more about each functionary.

The table topic sessions theme was very much in line with the general theme of the evening and Helen helped us to gain insights about toastmasters favourite places to visit, curious incidents, ways of travelling and hobbies through personal stories and personal confessions.

The winning ribbon of the table topic speeches went to the most fashionable lady- Chau, who told us what it takes to be the most fashionable!

Prepared speeches- one Ice breaker and one advanced speech!

Paula elegantly spoke about the beginnings of her existence, an incredible story about the true meaning of the word ‘sharing’. This was a sincere disclosure about Paula’s identical twin sister without whom Paula’s life and Paula herself would not be complete.

Christie delivered a fantastic and convincing project N2 speech about networking among total strangers and gave us a lot to take away and reflect on in the form of powerful tips and recommendations.

Alfred delivered project N6 about future possible optimisations in the software world, with incredible punch lines, that future progress is only possible if we are capable of looking backwards to learn. Alfred delivered a very convincing speech and spoke with a lot of authority showing that he is the real expert of the subject!

Jenny delivered the winning speech called; ‘The rules are meant to be broken. Praise by Dave Allen’ and we learned about one of the funniest men in the  late 80 who was known to misbehave in all sort peculiar ways and yet had a great talent of making people laugh!

Newsletter: 5 June 2017 – With a little bit of luck!

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Our President Sonia warmly greeted the audience and opened the evening with an energy injection that lasted for the whole session!

Maria, Toastmaser for the evening, chose Luck as the theme for the night. It turned out that our members are quite a lucky lot – winning money in casino, being upgraded to business class and escaping dangerous situations unharmed!

Christia structured Table Topics session around the thought provoking “If you could…” statements. Our members exercised their imagination describing what they could do if they were superheroes, animals or had super powers

Prepared Speeches – An Icebreaker and TWO Advanced Speeches!

Malachi brilliantly presented his Icebreaker entitled “ The Perception of Legitimacy”. Malachi told us about his student years and how important it is sometimes to change the direction. It was Malachi’s first speech and it was the winning speech of the night as it was full of great humour and irony.

Issam’s #3 speech “Keep swinging” was a thoroughly researched and structured story about’s Issam’s favourite gym equipment – kettlebell! Apparently, it’s a great idea to add a kettlebell to your workout routine as it will combine both cardio and weights training!

Gino has fascinated the audience with his advanced speech about cyber attacks! Full of great facts such as – about 90% of cyber attacks start with phishing emails – and great explanations, it was a great piece of information from Gino!

Finally, delivered an advanced speech entitled “My Lucky Break”. Paul told us encouraging stories –  the first one was about Paul’s journey at Toastmasters International and the second was about Simon Bucknall who eventually developed a second career as a keynote speaker!

Best Speech

Congratulations to Malachi for the best speech, Leonard for TT and Joy for evaluating Paul’s speech!


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***Join us for our annual SHOWCASE EVENING on the 19th June 2017 guaranteed to an evening to remember!!***