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Newsletter: 11 December 2017 – Speak up for yourself!

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On Monday the 11th of December Mo our VPE stepped in for our acting president Sonia who was away on the business trip. Mo opened the evening with an engaging story about his friend who was shot during a robbery at the restaurant where he was working. Whilst at the hospital fighting for his life, Mo’s friend made positive choices thought laughter and fun. Mo’s friend wanted the nurses to laugh with him and treat him as he was a survivor! The story illustrated that we are all live our lives through the choices we make.

Christian, who took the stage as the TM of the evening tuned the evening on to Christmas spirit. Each functionary’s introduction was through their personal reflection about goals and heights achieved in 2017. Christian’s smile and jokes kept the festive mode though out the meeting.

Michele as our TTM, for the first time, amazed everyone by a very funny and unique Christmas table topic session with a magical twist. What would you do if you are a chief Santa and your reindeers have gone on a strike? Or how do you tactfully say to your Santa that he is getting out of shape by eating all those mince pies- these are some of the examples of what the audience had to produce the answers for!

Our prepared speeches session again demonstrated the true quality of our club and the long-standing traditions of the preparation and a honest self-disclosure on the stage. Malachi spoke about the illusive concept of being lucky. Those of us who are open to the challenges and changes would view themselves as truly lucky, compared to those who actually think that luck comes in phases or patches. Nobody has got a monopoly on luck even Irish! To be lucky is the choice we make.

Renata spoke about the modern-day obsession of mobile phones and tablets.  The speech was interlaced with facts cautioning everyone from becoming a phone zombie.The obsession with our phones has various physical and emotional implications and a contributing factor towards the fastest growing crime in London.

Chau on Monday completed her mile stone delivering an emotional and personal number 10 speech.  Chau spoke about her journey about learning to speak up.  The episodes from Chau’s life ranged from the colourful sketches about bulling episodes at work, addressing a poor quality meal at the restaurant all the way to what Chau stands for and represents now; a confident young Vietnamese lady who is very proud of her heritage and who has broaden her personal comfort zone to an incredible depth and height!

Onwards and upwards!

New Year, New Times, New Venue!!!

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December 11th 2017 was our last meeting of the year at our current venue Double Tree Hilton.

We are delighted to inform you that from January 2018 London Cardinals will be meeting at a new fabulous venue at a new time!

New Time – start at 7.15 for a 9.30 finish
Next meetingMonday, 8th of January
New Venue – The Chapel at the Grange Wellington Hotel in Vincent Square, Victoria
71 Vincent Square, London, SW1P 2PA (closest tubes are Victoria, Pimlico or St James’s Park)

The Chapel

The Chapel

Great hotel bar at this venue for the “apres-meeting”!

We are looking forward to see you in a New Year at a New Venue!

Newsletter: 20 November 2017 – Take a swing at whatever life brings!

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On Monday 20th November, Sonia, our President, opened the meeting by asking the audience questions about what they have learnt from Toastmasters. This resulted in members sharing lessons that they had learned during the Toastmasters journey, including the power of storytelling, being authentic, and learning how to pace a story. This different way of starting the meeting resulted in lots of helpful tips, which were particularly useful for new members and for our guests.

Our Toastmaster for the night was Arnab, who entertained us with the theme for the night – songs that remind us of something or someone.  Denise continued the musical theme for the table topics, creating diverse scenarios and asking provocative questions such as: what is the most shocking thing you’ve ever done, which resulted in Alfred telling us about how he fed vegetables to his goldfish as a child and killed them. Leonard shared the most dangerous thing he is known for… eating chocolate. The best table topics speech came from Elliott, who shared a truly embarrassing story from his childhood involving a waterslide, him not wearing any underwear, and encountering his sister and all her friends in his naked state.

During the second half, we had three very interesting and different speeches. Ana began with a Number 2 speech titled ’10 more minutes please’ and shared with us the dangers of snoozing in a well-structured, informative speech. Our president, Sonia presented a speech titled, ‘Eats, shoots and leaves’, which focused on the power of punctuation and included useful tips to help us improve on our use of commas. Lastly, Alfred took on London Cardinals Challenge, delivering an amusing impromptu speech of 5-7 minutes that incorporated three words randomly provided by the audience members. Alfred took us through details of his holidays as a child, and ended by bringing his speech back to Toastmasters and how we should take a swing at whatever life brings. The meeting was wrapped up with evaluations, including a group evaluation for Alfred’s impromptu speech and an energetic evaluation from our General Evaluator, Emilie

Best Table Topic

Best Table Topic – Elliot

Best Evaluator

Best Evaluator – Malachi

Best Speaker

Best Speaker – Alfred


Newsletter: 6 November 2017 – Mentorship is for the leadership, communication and friendship

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Sonia our president opened the night engaging everybody with a very thought-provoking opening note for the evening.  Through 3 very short stories she spoke about what we learn at Toastmasters: we grow in to better leaders, learn to manage aspects of time and learn to not to worry.

Alfred TM of the evening held the skeleton of the evening together. Each functionary was introduced to the audience with a little story about of the most significant event in the history in their opinion. Alfred brought to the meeting his mom and a lot of participants and even guests referred to Alfred’s mom whilst talking, which added a warm touch to the evening.

The members and guests were challenged in an incredible unusual TT session. Arnab offered everybody a choice of either funny or interesting question. And indeed, how funny and interesting and sometimes even philosophical these questions were. Would you live without music or TV? Best house in the worst neighbourhood or the worst house in the best neighbourhood? Would you look in to the future or your past?

The London Cardinal enjoyed a full house of guests on Monday the 6th of November. 14 guests came and enjoyed the true London Cardinals atmosphere!

Richard in his project N 2 spoke about a child adoption in the UK and brought in to the light an uncomfortable statistic about child adoption rates and the reasons.

Jacquie our returning guest from a different club took the audience through a very animated advanced speech about performance appraisals and why appraisals can be uncomfortable for both parties involved.

Paul delivered a very warm, educational advanced speech about the mentorship program which exists in our club. Paul spoke about why we cherish our mentorship program, what we can gain from it and spoke about those who make it happen. It is truly is that mentorship is needed for the leadership, communication and friendship!

Best Table Topic

Best Table Topic – Anna

Best Evaluator

Best Evaluator – Carolina

Best Speaker

Best Speaker – Paul


Newsletter: 31 October 2017 – Trick or treat?

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On Monday 31 October we had a bumper Halloween special. Renata was our Toastmaster making us howl with laughter at Halloween word plays such as only spook when spooken to… She asked each of our functionaries the scariest thing that has ever happened to them… Our Grammarian Ana gave us “aghast” as our word for the day. Malachi as our table topics master continued the Halloween theme with questions like: what historical figure would you want to come trick or treating at the door and what would you give them?

There were spooky cup cakes awash with creepy crawlies, pumpkin lights, cobwebs…   A very special thanks to Mo who pulled out all the stops to make this evening a success. And it was, with very spooky fancy dress as you will see:



Cardinals Challenge

Thomas faced up to his cardinal’s challenge. He was given three random words: Ryanair, Halloween and vampires. Then one minute to prepare six (ish) minute impromptu speech. He spun a web of intrigue and it was the little tiny details that made it believable. The next thing we knew, we were there with Thomas as he tried to catch his flight against the odds..

Carolina  gave a beautiful speech called “Henry’s leaving do” and Zeph gave us a speech on remembering the dead and different cultural ways of remembering. Very much aligning with the Halloween theme.

Special thanks to our guest general evaluator, Yvonne from Toastmasters Grosvenor Square Marble Arch.

Here is Charles winning table topics:


And Thomas winning best costume:


Newsletter: 16 October 2017 – We are obliged to put 100% effort in to everything we do, regardless of the outcome!

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What an exciting Monday London Cardinals Meeting it was on the 16th of October!
The day itself was a bit grey and a bit frightening as the sky turned red and then dark half way through the day due to the hurricane, but the atmosphere inside The Double Tree was incredibly positive, full of fun and light. London Cardinals again proved to be the strongest magnet attracting an incredible number of guests who opt to spend Monday evening with London Cardinals and not with any other club!

Sonia our acting president started the meeting by introducing an incredible frame in to the body of the meeting: we all have a chance of progressing from the initial nervousness in to greater things and excellency in speaking and/or other things as long as we persevere at our chosen activity and input whole hearted effort.

Leonard the TM of the evening kept the energy and high level of the engagement going through the night interlaced with a spontaneous humour and wit. The acting functionaries Trang, Thomas, Ana, Joy, Richard, Alfred and Shimi and others- all managed to be exceptionally connected and charming to all our members and guests, which is  one of the trademarks of our club. And we are so proud of it!

Prepared Speeches

The second half of the evening was not least impactful as we had 3 speakers entertaining us with fascinating and enlightening speeches.

Malachi spoke that nobody is born with a specific talent and that we cannot be responsible of the outcome, but must be able to take a full responsibility for the effort we put in to any activity. The life lessons are learned easy way and hard way, but the real satisfaction only can be scooped from the true 100% and above honest effort.

Arnab amused us with a very technical but colourful speech about the perception of the colour in the film industry. We heard about monochromic, analogous and complementary concepts of the colour. We all learned about how the colour can contribute towards the accumulation of a film plot effecting the audience on the subconscious level. Cool staff!

Christian explored the idea that really when it comes to the impromptu presentations be it in the work environment or any other public engagements, the members of London Cardinals must be always ready to speak publicly. For us who engage in regular public speaking experience there should not be the last-minute surprises.  However, as presenters, we need to able to define the topics, to know our audience and to be able to answer as to why we need to address the audience.

Bravo to our winners of the evening:
 Alfred– The Table topics!
Christian– The Best speech!
Thomas– The Best evaluator!

Best Speech

Newsletter: 18 September 2017 – What makes you happy?

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Lucia, our president injected an unbelievable level of interest and energy into the meeting right from the start by asking the audience the question: What makes you happy?  The meeting’s opening speech then progressed in to a number of philosophical reflections to the quality of our beloved club, where we gained an insight into other people’s lives along with making each other laugh. At the end of speech Lucia concluded that the London Cardinals is a happy place and one which ticks a number of peoples happy list.

Mo was the toastmaster for the evening and he entertained everyone with the replies from functionaries of the evening about: what would they do if they were to live in an apocalyptic world.

Zeph our table topic master, prepared an incredible extravaganza about the fashion world. The bravest Toastmasters were challenged to answer though provoking open questions regarding fashion, music, some memorable pieces of clothing from the childhood, invisible cloaks, banning of trainers and a general outlook on fashion.

Prepared Speeches

The second half of the meeting was incredibly fascinating and expressive with 2 icebreakers.

Richard confidently delivered his first speech at the club about being a record breaker. We all have been reminded that the biggest personal achievements are not measured against somebody else progress, but against your own!

Ana in her icebreaker spoke about her national identity and an incredible journey from Croydon to London.  The message of the speech we all took away with us was the reminder that even the simplest of moves need careful planning and a possible alternative plan!

Michelle drew us in to a well-structured and very well-prepared speech as to why we need to be active listeners. The speech was packed with interesting examples from her life and 3 clear reasons as to why no one should miss out on being an active listener.

The meeting wrapped up humorously up by our GE, Stephen. Stephen delivered a creative and funny wrapping speech to all which generated lots of laughter within the audience. The London Cardinal is’ the must ‘on everybody’s list for happiness and laughter!

Bravo to our winners of the evening:
 Alfred– The Table topics!
Michelle– The Best speech!
Malachi– The Best evaluator

Newsletter: 2 October 2017 – We are all heroes

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On Monday 2nd October Zeph stepped in and up to the Toastmaster role at late notice and steered the evening impeccably. We had Christian as our table topics master with a theme of heroes and villains. And Cathy stole the show with her impromptu speech on the values of Wonder Woman and what she can teach us about kindness.

Table Topic Winner

Prepared Speeches

Matt gave his Icebreaker speech and told us about how entering a triathlon had helped him to live increasingly out of his comfort zone and literally get out of his depth. He brought a wry humour to his speech, it was touching too, and won him best speech of the night.


Malachi was up next with a speech entitled Standing the Test of Time, showing us how not to fall for all of the marketing that we’re presented with.

And Joy told us about her generation: Gen X and what this mid 1960s to early 190s demographic have as a set of common characteristics, including a reputation as slackers which Joy helped us dispel.

Stephan gave us a beautiful evaluation and lesson in speech delivery: how to use the stage to best effect to make, state and anchor points. And this won him best evaluator of the night.

Evaluation Winner

Sweet performances at our humorous speech contest on Monday 11 September

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We had four excellent speeches.

Carolina took first place with a speech entitled Sweet Performance – a story about the many ways that sugar can get the better of us.

Malachi was in second place with Serious Business: how he used the Edinburgh Fringe’s funniest jokes to win friends and influence people at work.

Teddy gave us a speech entitled “Some things you just cannot explain..” about a father’s efforts to steer clear of his daughter’s fateful predictions.

And Trang gave us a speech called “A Vietnamese in London” with insight into some of the stereotyping that she’s experienced.

Humorous Speech Winner

Then for the table topics contest we had Carolina, Malachi, Maria, Mohammed and Trang with Maria in first place and Mohammed in second place.

Table Topics Winner

It was also great to see Simon join us and say a few words in the wake of his second placing in the World Championship of Public Speaking.  He reminded us that we had helped him shape that speech through our feedback when he came to practice it with us in July…

Newsletter: 4 September 2017 – Leather jackets sort the men from the boys; and how sugar affects your work…

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Stephan was our toastmaster for our last meeting on 4th September. Newly back from his Greek holiday, he asked all of our functionaries what they would take with them to a desert island if they could take just one thing… Answers ranged from Radio 4, a bicycle, a strong intelligent man that fixes things, to Google Maps.

Chau was our table topic mistress and gave us the theme of fashion: lipstick, handbags, ties, top hats and high heels… Thomas gave a ribbon winning speech on how a leather jacket really should be part of every man’s wardrobe, and that it really sorts the men from the boys.

Prepared speeches

We had three very experienced speakers delivering advanced speeches.

Emile gathered us all around her to tell us the story of Stone Soup. An old French folk tale in which two hungry soldiers convince some villagers to each share a small amount of their food to make a meal fit for a king. The story had a strong leadership message about having an idea and taking people with you.

Sonia told us about the Treaty of Tordesillas. How through this, Portugal rather cunningly acquired Brazil.

Paul told us about his recent trip to Vancouver where he supported Simon in the World Championship of Public Speaking 2017. Simon came second in the finals and Paul used the story and Simon’s journey to really show what can be achieved through Toastmasters. From Simon joining London Cardinals to him becoming a public speaking coach.

Thomas scooped up not only table topics but best evaluator for his evaluation of “Stone Soup”.

Evaluation & TT Winner