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Newsletter: 8 January 2018 – Shoot for the moon – land among the stars!

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A very happy new year 2018 to all Toastmasters!

And especially our beloved London Cardinals club, which started the new year’s meetings at the new fantastic venue at The Chapel, Grange Wellington Hotel, 71 Vincent Square, London, SW1P 2PA The new venue is truly remarkable and certainly injected lots of a renewed energy in to our performances. It is also probably something to do with an incredible acoustics and the layout of the room where each one of us can experiment with loud, low, brave, funny and soul touching public speaking!

Mo in the opening note for the evening spoke about new dreams, challenges, aspirations and positive changes which we are all facing in 2018 and set the energy and the frame for the whole evening.

The Toastmaster of the evening was Malachi with his tender loving care approach and  a good Irish humour held the evening together and shaped it to an intricate entertaining learning bright Monday evening meeting. The functionaries and evaluators upheld the main mission of engaging, encouraging and entertaining in the best traditions of London Cardinals. Anna our grammarian suggested an incredible word ‘plethora’ (means many) which was enthusiastically used by many speakers. Neil, our time keeper was in full control of the evening and Joy engage our table topic speakers with a visual theme: to get to know you!

In the second half of the meeting Matt took the stage and delivered his project number 2 from the CC manual. Matt’s speech was about how the new technology effects creative industries. Matt’s speech raised an interesting dilemma whether the new technology helping or hurting creative industries and we heard his vision on this point.

Michelle with the project N3 was talking about her experiences of becoming a new puppy owner recently and despite a common perception of how beautiful and comforting young pyppies should be, the reality sometime can be far from the visual image drummed in to our conscious minds by the media. The whole experience is not anxiety free, but Michelle spoke from the point of responsibility, care and love.

Maria with her project number 8 was speaking about an art of learning. WE all ‘learned how to learn’.  Maria was talking about a mental effort, effective recalling, sleeping on what you learned, effective summarising and visual metaphors working as anchor of the key blocks of information.

Best Table Topic - Paul

Best Table Topic – Paul

Best Speaker - Maria

Best Speaker – Maria

Best Evaluator - Stephan

Best Evaluator – Stephan

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