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Newsletter: 5 February 2018 – What are you passionate about?

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Sonia, our president injected an unbelievable level of  interest and energy in to the meeting right from the start by reminding everybody that any grand journey begins with a small initial step.  The meeting’s opening note then progressed in to philosophical reflections of our speaking paths at Toastmasters. All journeys at London Cardinals have begun and still begins with an icebreaker, then evolves in to an incredible personal and in many cases professional journey.

The toastmaster of the evening Gino entertained the audience with the replies from functionaries of the evening about the hottest modern topic- Bitcoin. We heard all sorts of creative replies as to how the participants would get rich and how would they spend their money too!

Shimi our table topic master, prepared a table topic extravaganza all woven around a choice. The bravest of Toastmasters were challenged to choose in between: ‘simple or sophisticated’, ‘global or local’, ‘quantity or quality’, ‘short or tall’. The winner of TT was Matt, who half way through his speech took a different course. Matt spoke about heights of humans and then moved to speak about tall and short drinks, which was brave indeed!

Prepared Speeches

The second half of the meeting was fascinating and expressive with 1 icebreaker.

Anna confidently delivered her first speech at the club. We all learnt about Anna’s 3 tiers of passion and where she is now in her life and what she would like to achieve. Anna’s speech cemented the formula: of understanding a need- finding resources- and moving to action was truly inspirational. Anna won her first 2 blue ribbons of her TM journey.

Richard spoke about how to fight effectively against an ugly dragon called ‘procrastination’.  The message of the speech outlined effective steps in fighting procrastination: an effective counting method in the morning; mapping your day and reflecting on the progress achieved.

Joy, with her project number 6 drew us in to the well-structured and very well-prepared speech talking about Richard Feynman and his book called ‘surely you are joking Mr. Feynman!’. The speech was packed with interesting examples from his life and full of combustible combinations which made possible by his unique mixture of high intelligence, unquenchable curiosity and eternal scepticism.

The meeting had a very humorous summary up by our GE, Malachi. Malachi delivered a creative and funny final set of evaluations keeping authority and yet dishing out good quality recommendations to all functionaries of the evening.

The evening was truly opulent in its quality!

Best Evaluator - Alfred

Best Evaluator – Alfred

Best Speaker - Anna

Best Speaker – Anna

Best Table Topic - Matt

Best Table Topic – Matt

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