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Newsletter: 11 December 2017 – Speak up for yourself!

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On Monday the 11th of December Mo our VPE stepped in for our acting president Sonia who was away on the business trip. Mo opened the evening with an engaging story about his friend who was shot during a robbery at the restaurant where he was working. Whilst at the hospital fighting for his life, Mo’s friend made positive choices thought laughter and fun. Mo’s friend wanted the nurses to laugh with him and treat him as he was a survivor! The story illustrated that we are all live our lives through the choices we make.

Christian, who took the stage as the TM of the evening tuned the evening on to Christmas spirit. Each functionary’s introduction was through their personal reflection about goals and heights achieved in 2017. Christian’s smile and jokes kept the festive mode though out the meeting.

Michele as our TTM, for the first time, amazed everyone by a very funny and unique Christmas table topic session with a magical twist. What would you do if you are a chief Santa and your reindeers have gone on a strike? Or how do you tactfully say to your Santa that he is getting out of shape by eating all those mince pies- these are some of the examples of what the audience had to produce the answers for!

Our prepared speeches session again demonstrated the true quality of our club and the long-standing traditions of the preparation and a honest self-disclosure on the stage. Malachi spoke about the illusive concept of being lucky. Those of us who are open to the challenges and changes would view themselves as truly lucky, compared to those who actually think that luck comes in phases or patches. Nobody has got a monopoly on luck even Irish! To be lucky is the choice we make.

Renata spoke about the modern-day obsession of mobile phones and tablets.  The speech was interlaced with facts cautioning everyone from becoming a phone zombie.The obsession with our phones has various physical and emotional implications and a contributing factor towards the fastest growing crime in London.

Chau on Monday completed her mile stone delivering an emotional and personal number 10 speech.  Chau spoke about her journey about learning to speak up.  The episodes from Chau’s life ranged from the colourful sketches about bulling episodes at work, addressing a poor quality meal at the restaurant all the way to what Chau stands for and represents now; a confident young Vietnamese lady who is very proud of her heritage and who has broaden her personal comfort zone to an incredible depth and height!

Onwards and upwards!

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