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Newsletter: 6 November 2017 – Mentorship is for the leadership, communication and friendship

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Sonia our president opened the night engaging everybody with a very thought-provoking opening note for the evening.  Through 3 very short stories she spoke about what we learn at Toastmasters: we grow in to better leaders, learn to manage aspects of time and learn to not to worry.

Alfred TM of the evening held the skeleton of the evening together. Each functionary was introduced to the audience with a little story about of the most significant event in the history in their opinion. Alfred brought to the meeting his mom and a lot of participants and even guests referred to Alfred’s mom whilst talking, which added a warm touch to the evening.

The members and guests were challenged in an incredible unusual TT session. Arnab offered everybody a choice of either funny or interesting question. And indeed, how funny and interesting and sometimes even philosophical these questions were. Would you live without music or TV? Best house in the worst neighbourhood or the worst house in the best neighbourhood? Would you look in to the future or your past?

The London Cardinal enjoyed a full house of guests on Monday the 6th of November. 14 guests came and enjoyed the true London Cardinals atmosphere!

Richard in his project N 2 spoke about a child adoption in the UK and brought in to the light an uncomfortable statistic about child adoption rates and the reasons.

Jacquie our returning guest from a different club took the audience through a very animated advanced speech about performance appraisals and why appraisals can be uncomfortable for both parties involved.

Paul delivered a very warm, educational advanced speech about the mentorship program which exists in our club. Paul spoke about why we cherish our mentorship program, what we can gain from it and spoke about those who make it happen. It is truly is that mentorship is needed for the leadership, communication and friendship!

Best Table Topic

Best Table Topic – Anna

Best Evaluator

Best Evaluator – Carolina

Best Speaker

Best Speaker – Paul


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