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Newsletter: 20 November 2017 – Take a swing at whatever life brings!

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On Monday 20th November, Sonia, our President, opened the meeting by asking the audience questions about what they have learnt from Toastmasters. This resulted in members sharing lessons that they had learned during the Toastmasters journey, including the power of storytelling, being authentic, and learning how to pace a story. This different way of starting the meeting resulted in lots of helpful tips, which were particularly useful for new members and for our guests.

Our Toastmaster for the night was Arnab, who entertained us with the theme for the night – songs that remind us of something or someone.  Denise continued the musical theme for the table topics, creating diverse scenarios and asking provocative questions such as: what is the most shocking thing you’ve ever done, which resulted in Alfred telling us about how he fed vegetables to his goldfish as a child and killed them. Leonard shared the most dangerous thing he is known for… eating chocolate. The best table topics speech came from Elliott, who shared a truly embarrassing story from his childhood involving a waterslide, him not wearing any underwear, and encountering his sister and all her friends in his naked state.

During the second half, we had three very interesting and different speeches. Ana began with a Number 2 speech titled ’10 more minutes please’ and shared with us the dangers of snoozing in a well-structured, informative speech. Our president, Sonia presented a speech titled, ‘Eats, shoots and leaves’, which focused on the power of punctuation and included useful tips to help us improve on our use of commas. Lastly, Alfred took on London Cardinals Challenge, delivering an amusing impromptu speech of 5-7 minutes that incorporated three words randomly provided by the audience members. Alfred took us through details of his holidays as a child, and ended by bringing his speech back to Toastmasters and how we should take a swing at whatever life brings. The meeting was wrapped up with evaluations, including a group evaluation for Alfred’s impromptu speech and an energetic evaluation from our General Evaluator, Emilie

Best Table Topic

Best Table Topic – Elliot

Best Evaluator

Best Evaluator – Malachi

Best Speaker

Best Speaker – Alfred


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