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Newsletter: 18 September 2017 – What makes you happy?

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Lucia, our president injected an unbelievable level of interest and energy into the meeting right from the start by asking the audience the question: What makes you happy?  The meeting’s opening speech then progressed in to a number of philosophical reflections to the quality of our beloved club, where we gained an insight into other people’s lives along with making each other laugh. At the end of speech Lucia concluded that the London Cardinals is a happy place and one which ticks a number of peoples happy list.

Mo was the toastmaster for the evening and he entertained everyone with the replies from functionaries of the evening about: what would they do if they were to live in an apocalyptic world.

Zeph our table topic master, prepared an incredible extravaganza about the fashion world. The bravest Toastmasters were challenged to answer though provoking open questions regarding fashion, music, some memorable pieces of clothing from the childhood, invisible cloaks, banning of trainers and a general outlook on fashion.

Prepared Speeches

The second half of the meeting was incredibly fascinating and expressive with 2 icebreakers.

Richard confidently delivered his first speech at the club about being a record breaker. We all have been reminded that the biggest personal achievements are not measured against somebody else progress, but against your own!

Ana in her icebreaker spoke about her national identity and an incredible journey from Croydon to London.  The message of the speech we all took away with us was the reminder that even the simplest of moves need careful planning and a possible alternative plan!

Michelle drew us in to a well-structured and very well-prepared speech as to why we need to be active listeners. The speech was packed with interesting examples from her life and 3 clear reasons as to why no one should miss out on being an active listener.

The meeting wrapped up humorously up by our GE, Stephen. Stephen delivered a creative and funny wrapping speech to all which generated lots of laughter within the audience. The London Cardinal is’ the must ‘on everybody’s list for happiness and laughter!

Bravo to our winners of the evening:
 Alfred– The Table topics!
Michelle- The Best speech!
Malachi- The Best evaluator

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