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Newsletter: 16 October 2017 – We are obliged to put 100% effort in to everything we do, regardless of the outcome!

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What an exciting Monday London Cardinals Meeting it was on the 16th of October!
The day itself was a bit grey and a bit frightening as the sky turned red and then dark half way through the day due to the hurricane, but the atmosphere inside The Double Tree was incredibly positive, full of fun and light. London Cardinals again proved to be the strongest magnet attracting an incredible number of guests who opt to spend Monday evening with London Cardinals and not with any other club!

Sonia our acting president started the meeting by introducing an incredible frame in to the body of the meeting: we all have a chance of progressing from the initial nervousness in to greater things and excellency in speaking and/or other things as long as we persevere at our chosen activity and input whole hearted effort.

Leonard the TM of the evening kept the energy and high level of the engagement going through the night interlaced with a spontaneous humour and wit. The acting functionaries Trang, Thomas, Ana, Joy, Richard, Alfred and Shimi and others- all managed to be exceptionally connected and charming to all our members and guests, which is  one of the trademarks of our club. And we are so proud of it!

Prepared Speeches

The second half of the evening was not least impactful as we had 3 speakers entertaining us with fascinating and enlightening speeches.

Malachi spoke that nobody is born with a specific talent and that we cannot be responsible of the outcome, but must be able to take a full responsibility for the effort we put in to any activity. The life lessons are learned easy way and hard way, but the real satisfaction only can be scooped from the true 100% and above honest effort.

Arnab amused us with a very technical but colourful speech about the perception of the colour in the film industry. We heard about monochromic, analogous and complementary concepts of the colour. We all learned about how the colour can contribute towards the accumulation of a film plot effecting the audience on the subconscious level. Cool staff!

Christian explored the idea that really when it comes to the impromptu presentations be it in the work environment or any other public engagements, the members of London Cardinals must be always ready to speak publicly. For us who engage in regular public speaking experience there should not be the last-minute surprises.  However, as presenters, we need to able to define the topics, to know our audience and to be able to answer as to why we need to address the audience.

Bravo to our winners of the evening:
 Alfred– The Table topics!
Christian- The Best speech!
Thomas- The Best evaluator!

Best Speech

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