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Newsletter: 4 September 2017 – Leather jackets sort the men from the boys; and how sugar affects your work…

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Stephan was our toastmaster for our last meeting on 4th September. Newly back from his Greek holiday, he asked all of our functionaries what they would take with them to a desert island if they could take just one thing… Answers ranged from Radio 4, a bicycle, a strong intelligent man that fixes things, to Google Maps.

Chau was our table topic mistress and gave us the theme of fashion: lipstick, handbags, ties, top hats and high heels… Thomas gave a ribbon winning speech on how a leather jacket really should be part of every man’s wardrobe, and that it really sorts the men from the boys.

Prepared speeches

We had three very experienced speakers delivering advanced speeches.

Emile gathered us all around her to tell us the story of Stone Soup. An old French folk tale in which two hungry soldiers convince some villagers to each share a small amount of their food to make a meal fit for a king. The story had a strong leadership message about having an idea and taking people with you.

Sonia told us about the Treaty of Tordesillas. How through this, Portugal rather cunningly acquired Brazil.

Paul told us about his recent trip to Vancouver where he supported Simon in the World Championship of Public Speaking 2017. Simon came second in the finals and Paul used the story and Simon’s journey to really show what can be achieved through Toastmasters. From Simon joining London Cardinals to him becoming a public speaking coach.

Thomas scooped up not only table topics but best evaluator for his evaluation of “Stone Soup”.

Evaluation & TT Winner

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