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Newsletter: 7 August 2017 – I am a citizen of the world and where are you from!

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Renata was the toastmaster of the evening and the general theme of the evening was early summer time childhood memories. The responses from all the functionaries were multi-coloured, full of warm summer sunshine and happiness.

Maria, who held the role of grammarian came up with an incredible suggestion for the word of the day: dashing. The word well-loved and used by the members and the functionaries and effectively has been gracefully transported from period dramas into the contemporary platform of our London cardinals meeting.

Our energetic and fun loving Thomas engaged the audience with an incredibly stretching table topic session. The brave speakers had to come up with their polished answers about: Putin versus Trump; nuclear weapons and threats to humankind; Kim Jong-Un; and why Melania Trump is forced to dress “off the rack”.

Prepared speeches- one Ice breaker!

The second half of the meeting was equally engaging as the first half. Michelle delivered her icebreaker called: Where are you from? The audience learned about Michelle’s complex national identity and her quest for her roots. The speech had a powerful ending stating that Michelle regards herself as a citizen of the world and she asked her audience: where are you from?

Joey with project number two gave us an incredible insight into the world of dreams and their interpretations. Do our dreams just reveal our hidden fears and desires? Or are they reflections of our daily life, which come back to us at night with potent messages?

Mohammed with project number seven brought to everybody’s attention how social media can promote the wrong heroes. Mohamed went on to guide us through the work of three unsung heroes who do not bask in the glory of mass media, in spite of being responsible for changing the lives of millions and millions of people around the globe.

Chau blew our minds with her incredibly energetic and bravely performed speech nine!  With first initial swishes of Chau’s skirt and well-rehearsed dance movements came realisation to all of us that Chau’s life is so multi-dimensional and there are sides of her life, which have not been discovered by the London Cardinals family!

Bravo to our winners of the evening

Best Speech

Sonia – Table topics!
Michelle- The best speech!
Carolina- The best evaluator!

A fond farewell to Danny who is now leaving Cardinals and moving to Japan.

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