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Newsletter: 21 August 2017 – What has love got to do with it?

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Who needs theatre, cinema, TV or stand-up comedy entertainment when you can get it all and with some soul touching moments at London Cardinals on Monday night? And you will carry on through your working week truly energised from the experience. The meeting on the 21st of August was just more proof of why you need to ditch all your arrangements on Monday evening and be learning, getting inspired and entertained at London Cardinals

Lucia our president kicked off the meeting with the question: who watches ‘Game of Thrones’? Lucia also read a beautiful piece of literature created by Guy Doza followed by a playful analysis of the rhetorical devices used in the text. It was a truly engaging opening to the evening.

The meeting was held together by our very own Christina, who introduced the speakers and functionaries on to the stage with information about how many years they have been with Toastmasters.

Shimi, Table Topics mistress, led the session with a very unusual twist. All participants had to state which dream job they would love to have and then table topics were tailored to their answers!

Prepared speeches

The second half of the meeting was very emotional with an element of freshness added to the flow of the program. We had 3 external participants from different clubs: Brad gave an incredible evaluation for Renata’s advanced speech; Jacqui was the third speaker and Brian was GE.

The bravest of the brave in London Cardinals our one and only Chau took the stage and stole our attention with the London Cardinals challenge. We learned about the nation which defeated America and what need to be done to tame a woman!

Renata delivered project N1 from the story telling manual called: ‘The little Match Girl’ captured by Hans Christian Anderson. It was an emotional performance illustrating the hardships of life in the Victorian industrialisation period.

Our guest Jacqui spoke about an unnecessary complexity of 5 star hotels in terms of technological gadgets, which make life of world travellers over complicated, especially when a person just has a basic wish to have a shower!

Project N10 called: ‘What has love got to do with it?’ from CC manual signifying a very important milestone in the Toastmasters speaking journey was delivered by our bombastic Thomas. This was an epic speech and full of very revealing life reflections about who he truly is and his viewpoint on the concept of love and life. A career is all about results, but life is about the journey. Life is for living to its fullest meaning.


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