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Newsletter: 31 July 2017 – A Magical Evening with a Holiday Theme

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Emile was our toastmaster this evening, our word of the week was magical which became intertwined with Paula’s table topics theme of holidays.

Furthermore, Emile had asked each of her functionaries for a book recommendation for a beach read and I for one was jotting down some future reads…

Our president Lucia got  us all excited about upcoming events: The humorous speech contest on 11th of September and The Past Presidents Roast Party on 15th November!

Prepared Speeches – Advanced Speech and Danny’s last speech at London Cardinals!

Arnab gave us a speech entitled Leap of Faith. He told us about a bungee jump that he got “roped into” as part of a close friend’s attempt at overcoming vertigo. We were there with him as he took that jump and he drew the parallel to Toastmasters and the leap of faith that we take there each time we come.

Leonard gave us a speech about the Curse of Sam Maguire. How a Gaelic football team, Mayo, have been cursed for six decades…since 1951 when they last won the Sam Maguire cup. It might have been a speech about an ill-fated team but it was filled with humour…

Shimi delivered an advanced interpretative reading project number 3. Her reading was entitled “The Unbalanced Mind” and brought us into the life inside the head of a man with dementia. It was moving and contemplative.

Long time member Danny gave us his final and winning speech before his move to Japan. It was a storytelling piece “World War One: the Beginning” and talked us through the international politics at play, national allegiances and showed us how one month’s decisions led to four years of war. And argued that there is more than one lesson that can be taken from history.

Nita won table topics with a tale of how Wagner’s Ride of the Valkries evokes memories of a family driving holiday from her childhood in a burgundy morris marina, driving along an unmade road with the evocative smell of her brother’s socks.

Danny won best speech.

Sonia won best evaluation with her review of Danny’s speech but also her warm words to wish him well with his upcoming move.

Best Speaker

Congratulations to Danny, Nita and Sonia!!!

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