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Newsletter: 19 June 2017 – Let the Party Begin!

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President Lucia opened the meeting with a very summery seasonal welcoming speech about a little boy, who instead of delivering a speech in front of his friends, asked his parents:  let the party begin!

The motto: ‘let the party begin’ has been diligently taken over by our energetic toastmaster Thomas – who has woven things together with the theme of the evening: summer time, holidays and travel time.

The chosen theme has proven to be a great hit with everyone who took part in the program and we all learned a lot more about each functionary.

The table topic sessions theme was very much in line with the general theme of the evening and Helen helped us to gain insights about toastmasters favourite places to visit, curious incidents, ways of travelling and hobbies through personal stories and personal confessions.

The winning ribbon of the table topic speeches went to the most fashionable lady- Chau, who told us what it takes to be the most fashionable!

Prepared speeches- one Ice breaker and one advanced speech!

Paula elegantly spoke about the beginnings of her existence, an incredible story about the true meaning of the word ‘sharing’. This was a sincere disclosure about Paula’s identical twin sister without whom Paula’s life and Paula herself would not be complete.

Christie delivered a fantastic and convincing project N2 speech about networking among total strangers and gave us a lot to take away and reflect on in the form of powerful tips and recommendations.

Alfred delivered project N6 about future possible optimisations in the software world, with incredible punch lines, that future progress is only possible if we are capable of looking backwards to learn. Alfred delivered a very convincing speech and spoke with a lot of authority showing that he is the real expert of the subject!

Jenny delivered the winning speech called; ‘The rules are meant to be broken. Praise by Dave Allen’ and we learned about one of the funniest men in the  late 80 who was known to misbehave in all sort peculiar ways and yet had a great talent of making people laugh!

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