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Gilly’s Roast!

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Didn’t Gilly just dazzle with her red nails perfectly manicured?  If you were not able to make the Roast of Gilly Cutts then you missed a treat.  In attendance and lined up ready were some of London Cardinal’s finest Toastmasters who jumped at the chance to give Gilly a good roasting.  And what a night it was.  The scene was set, the venue sublime – whilst all around us London burned….literally!  But did we care?  No!  Because we were here to for a very special and dare I say ‘riotous’ occasion.


Paul Walsh – “The Conspiracy’

“Gilly is not who she seems to be.  I will leave no stone unturned, no voice mail unhacked, until I get to the depths of this conspiracy….how does Gilly keep her nails so red and so perfect?”

Laura McCracken – ‘Mini Ralph Smedley’

“Gilly never comes to a meeting without instilling the virtues of Ralph Smedley and she carries a picture of him around in her wallet”

Jenny Cutler – ‘Camp Gilly’ (Poem)

“Our Gilly Cutts is our special godmother, cardinally hooded – the star of the show.  She is the gaiest and glitziest camp mother hen.  She is the heart and soul of this club to the core.”

James Gilpin – ‘Gilly Cutts’ Earrings

“I asked to borrow Gilly’s earrings to improve my speech making but instead they have given me short term memory loss!”

James Marshall – ‘Hacking the Truth’

“I am going to make tall tales walk the plank.  Come over from the dark side Gilly, because your act is a dead parrot!”

Kristie West – ‘Thank You’

“It would be lovely to thank all of the things that Gilly has done for us.  Gilly is the epitome of what Toastmasters is all about.”

Gilly’s right of reply

Gilly on Paul: “Wear that yellow wig – put it on and wear it like the man you are.  We all know who the real conspiracy theorist is.”

Gilly on Laura: “We all know that Laura is the spy.  Let it be known that I know Laura’s real passion is my husband!”

Gilly on Jenny: “The overwhelmed poet laureate of London Cardinals.  I will cherish that poem forever.”

Gilly on James Gilpin: “He thought borrowing my earrings was the thing.  It doesn’t matter what you do – borrowing my earrings will not give you style!”

Gilly on James Marshall: “Apparently the speech was meant to be funny.  If you own gay shirts you might as well go the whole hog.”

Gilly on Kristie: “A beautiful speech.  I just loved it.  We love Kristie – the rebel.”

There are more photos of the evening here:


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