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Newsletter 18.07.11 – What’s in a name?

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“Is this really summer?”

The newest and proudest President of London Cardinals, Jessie ‘Anne’ Macneil-Brown, challenged us to do something that inspires us.  Jessie spent the weekend ankle deep in mud at a festival in the pouring rain, but was inspired by the love and the warmth of the people surrounding her – despite the depressing and glum weather we have been having of late.

It was thrilling to welcome our immediate past president Gilly Cutts back on to the programme again.  Gill set the theme of the evening: Middle Names “Tell me if you have a middle name, and what would it be if you don’t have one?”

Our rookie Timekeeper and new member, Dara ‘Subola Oluwadara Lanlehin’ did a sterling job of keeping us on time and wasn’t afraid to use the horn: “I can’t grab you out of your seat but I can toot this horn!” Harkmaster, Monica ‘Frances’ Chong, explained all about the new role of Harkmaster and asked us all to “sharpen our ears” and listen out to the words of speeches.

Nigel ‘James’ Cutts, Table Topics Master, set the theme of ‘newspapers and newspaper headlines’ for the Table Topics.  Stephan Von Posern: “donating just works.”  “Murdoch seemed to be ruling the world!” Maggie Etheridge.  Paul Walsh: What Power Point has not done for him – “we should not rely on the power of Power Point.”  Jessie Macneil-Brown: “English men are so much better than Aussie men.”  Jason Chan: A teacher who encouraged him to try everything at least once.  Sally Maier-Yip: What to do to combat a phobia.  Alex Hancock: “Communication is 90% non-verbal – so meeting face to face is the key.”  Jenny Cutler: “I’m for proper speaking.” Andrew Addison: How to get inspiration to go out and work every day.  Gilly Cutts: No desire to see all the other Harry Potter films – the first one is the best.  Laura McCracken: Favourite place is South Africa, “South Africa is like heaven to me.”   Rachel ‘Ann’ Luft gave a very thorough and humorous Table Topics evaluation of 11 table topics, professionally completed well within the time available.

Sergeant at Arms – Alexander Hancock – introduced 5 guests expertly remembering all their names “guests are the lifeblood of Toastmasters and London Cardinals.”  Sally Maier-Yip was our camera operator manning the video recorder to record the prepared speeches.

Saket ‘Asaf’ Modi, Speech No. 5 – ‘The joys of fatherhood’ “Two’s company, three’s family”

“Really brought in to the room the warmth and joy he feels from fatherhood” –Andrew ‘Simon’ Addison                                                                                                                                         

Jessica Forster, Speech No. 5 – ‘Those pesky little pests’ “Wasps are the devil’s seed”

“A learned and entertaining treatise on the fear of wasps” – Paul ‘Adrian’ Walsh

‘Sarah’ Jane Chambers, Speech No. 7 – ‘It’s epic’ “Be inspired by the huge canvas of stories online that inspired me and hopefully will inspire you”

“A very enlightening speech, a perfect number seven” – Lady Laura ‘Christine’ McCracken

Bryant Yates, Speech No. 10 – ‘The Big C’ “An amazing individual decimated by this disease”

“I learnt so much from this speech.  Brilliant and well thought out” – Saint Jenny ‘Genevieve’ Cutler

Our General Evaluator – Anne Craven – gave some great feedback to the club as well as those who had not been evaluated during the meeting. “How can I not feel welcomed at this club?”



Best Table Topic: Jenny Cutler

Best Evaluator:     Laura McCracken

Best Speech:        Bryant Yates

 01.08.11 – Our next meeting

Hope to see you at the next London Cardinals meeting on Monday 1st August, where the Toastmaster will be James ‘Rocks-the-stage’ Barnett.  We have a great line up of speakers delivering a range of speeches from the Competent Communicator manual… including an Ice Breaker from Dara Lanlehin and a Number 10 speech from Deborah Henley!

Upcoming Meetings

Monday 15th August 2011

Monday 5th September 2011


Don’t forget Gilly Cutts’ RoastMonday 8th August.  Please let us know by emailing as soon as possible if you can make it – or catch Monica Chong at the next meeting.  The venue for the Roast will be About Thyme, Victoria. More details to follow.  There are lots of things planned to ‘roast’ Gilly so hope you can make it!

The Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest is coming up in September – more details to follow.

Finally, please remember to let our VPE, Laura McCracken, know about when you want to do your next speech, and also about any roles you want to fulfil (e.g. Toastmaster, Timekeeper, Grammarian, TT Master, TT Evaluator, and Speech Evaluator).  You may email Laura at or catch her at the next meeting.


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