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20.06.2011 The Best of Gilly Cutts…

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Best of Gilly Cutts

Gilly Cutts opened the meeting with her trademark sizzle one last time as our club President. Toastmaster Jane Chambers dedicated the meeting to favourite Gilly moments. Craig Haffey was our apt Timekeeper, while Grammarian Jason Belne stepped in to  “enchant” us.

Camilla Graham continued the enchanted theme during our table topic session. Laura McCracken– the power of pause. Nigel Cutts – swearing at bad drivers. Jason Belne – smile your way to success and happiness. Simon O’Mahony – winning £100 million gracefully. Jo Holmes – the perfect first date. Triang Li –best way to say good-bye is with friends. Richard McMurrray – best way to start your day … at 5:30am. Stephan von Posren – on being slow to adopt a mobile phone. Monica Chong – begging her way across Europe. Maggie Etheridge – love your children for what they are. Claire Webb– spilling gravy on her dress on her first day of school. Jenny Cutler – inspiration from a relative. Gary Cooke deftly evaluated all the Table Topic speaker with humour and insight.

Sergeant-at-Arms Laura McCracken gave a warm welcome to our guests, while Claire Webb manned the camera.


Alex Hood #3 – “Reaching New Heights”
“Great narrative with emotion.” –Danny Callaghan

Rachel Luft #6 – “Hobbies”
“Cluster of childhood stories brought to life with humour.” –Deborah Henley

Minna Sellman advance –“Two Words”
“Touching inspiration worthy of her silver pin.” –James Barnett

Andrew Chuks advance –“Moving on Stage”
“His charisma and energy had the audience in the palm of his hand.” –Cole McInnes

Paul Walsh was a praising General Evaluator without notes, and Gilly closed the meeting handing over the President medallion to Jessie MacNeil Brown, our new club President.
Don’t miss Jessie’s debut this Monday, July 4th!


Table Topic: Jenny Cutler

Best Evaluator: James Barnett

Best Speech: Rachel Luft


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