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Early May Newsletter

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Club President, Gilly Cutts, had reason to be even prouder as she announced that Andrew Chuks, placed 2nd in the UK and Ireland International Speech conference. Our evening was sure to be in “safe hands” with Toastmaster, Glenn Jones, who asked us where in time we would visit. Statuesque Rachel Luft made sure “time didn’t happen all at once,” while Andrew Addison chose “insensate” as the word of the day.

Maggie Etheridge led a pithy table topics session, themed, “the last time you…” Julia Shilo–“angry” with a Gatwick train delay. Danny Callaghan “fell over” when he traveled by stilts to LA and heard the horn. Alex Hancock– has never “taken a Red Bus.” Jo Holmes– “cried laughing” with accomplices at a flashing 80s dance floor. Stephan von Poersn – does bribing children count as “telling a white lie.” Kevin Sullivan’s wife gets suspicious when he “gives flowers.” Andrew Chuks “told someone he really cared” to his late uncle in his head. Caroline Watson can’t remember forgetting an “important date.” Jenny Cutler– after kids forgetting and “saying something stupid” is understandable. Andrew Smith about the last time he had Fish and chips. Simon O’Mahony was Lost for words. James Barnett wants to “swim in the sea” in Margate. Monica Chong – was “aware of surroundings” climbing Snowdonia. Jane Chambers gave 14 insightful Evaluations by the yellow light.

Lovely Laura McCracken was our Sergeant-At-Arms and introduced 3 guests. Craig Haffey was our cameraman.

Alex Hood #2- The “Wright Triplets”
“Insight expert knowledge, clear upfront signposting” – Matt Davis

Clare Webb #3- “Living with a Genetic Disorder”
“Touching, well researched knowledge.” – Denise Tyrell

Jess Forster #4- “How Liam sees it”
“We got to know Jess when she put a face to a disease.” – Jesie MacNeil-Brown

Bryant Yates #9- “There and back again”
“Infectious enthusiasm for pubs and nature.” –Cole McInnes

General Evaluator Nigel Cutts –“Even with a rocky start, the wonderful Cardinals starts bang on time.”


Best TT: Julia Shilo
Best Evaluator: Jane Chambers
Best Speech: Jess Forster

Next meeting: 23rd May at The Thistle Wesminister. 7.15 for 7.30 start.

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