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Late April Newsletter

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Our proud President, Gilly Cutts, announced that we placed in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the Division Contest. Charming Toastmaster, Jo Holmes ran a smooth evening and asked what our special place was. Mutli-tasking Brad Currin, was spot on as timekeeper; while Grammarian, Rachel Luft, featured “zest” as the word of the day.

Stuart Lewis treated us to a Royal Wedding table topic session. Stephan von Posern– give you Air miles to charities. Danny Callaghan – would use Will & Kate’s image to endorse his website. Tim Wright– fluffed reciting the Rosary in Catholic boarding school. Craig Haffey– his wow factor Venice proposal to his fiancée. A Queen Laura McCracken – create gift cards for “panhandlers” (beggars)  so money could be used effectively. Gilly Cutts– Off with Red Ken’s head! Monica Chong – forget McVities wedding cake, carrot cake is a crowd pleaser. Andrew Smith’s irrational fear of spontaneous marriage proposals. Nigel Cutts is a Royalist through in and out. Jess Forster – does my husband count as a creature of comfort? A King Andrew Chuks would enjoy ownering of all his lands. Brad Currin –will be as far as possible from the Royal wedding. Bryant Yates -a valiant 12 table topics evaluation.

Effervescent Sergeant-at-Arms, Laura McCracken, introduced four guests, while Tim Wright, was our capable cameraman filming the speeches.

Alex Hancock, Icebreaker- “All About Me”

“Great confidence, use of imagery and language” – Caroline Watson

Camilla Graham #7- “Not Just a Day Off”

“Rigourous research speckled with facts and anecdotes. “ – Andrew Smith

Jessie Macneil-Brown, # 8– “A Royal Briefing”

“Fun visual aids got us going, and tremendous vocal variety.” – Minna Sellman

Julia Shilo, Advanced – “3 Words and Final Never”

“Amazing presence, use of stage, storytelling, & dialogue.” – Andrew Chuks

Simon O’Mahony gave a brilliant general evaluation.


Best TT: Gary Cooke

Best Evaluator: Andrew Chuks

Best Speech: Glenn Jones

Next meeting: 09 May at The Thistle Wesminister. 7.15 for 7.30 start.

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