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Early April Newsletter

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At our April 4th meeting, Proud President, Gilly Cutts, beamed with club pride with our Area 6 contest victory. Suave Toastmaster, James Gilpin, asked what would you protest about. Andrew Addison kept time succinct, while Clare Webb wasn’t being “facetious” when she challenged us with the word of the day.

Allison O’Mahony’s Table Topics session centred around “four”. James Barnett – celebrate “rare”qualities of people. Jo Holmes –the 5th element: sugar. Saket Modi– 4 cornerstones of his life. Stuart Lewis -leave winter out of the 4 seasons. Julia Shilo– build a bridge between France and England. Gilly Cutts– addiction to Radio 4. Klaus Rasmussen– Numbers aren’t superstitious. Gary Cooke – on marrying twice to the same woman. Alex Hood– 4 things that balance his life. Jessie MacNeil-Brown’s gift to baby Jesus, would be a computer with internet, given by a woman. Deborah Henley– being 4 years old again. Nigel Cutts– connecting with your dog. Alex Hancock – 4 wheel drive. Maggie Etheridge: alone at tea time. Kristie West: cats are great pets. Monica Chong – following your heart is a noble truth. Andrew Chuks– having a cat. Laura McCracken gave insightful Table Topic evaluations.

Sergeant-at-arms Laura McCracken introduced 7 gracious guests, while Klaus Rasmussen was our capable cameraman filming the prepared speeches.

Danny Callaghan #5- “Office Life”. Great characters and dialogue entertained us”- Andrew Smith

Camilla Graham #6- “Holy Grail of Gillette”. “Vocal variety, humour, and friendly smile”- Julia Shilo

Glenn Jones Advance – “Money Talks”. “Superb opening, rapport, and powerful message”-Paul Walsh

Simon Bucknall –“First 100 Seconds”. “Clear message, important advice, and amazing voice”- Jenny Cutler

Jenny Crossly (MLP London Bridge), gave a brilliantly insightful general evaluation.


Best TT: Gary Cooke

Best Evaluator: Andrew Smith

Best Speech: Glenn Jones

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