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Late March Newsletter

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Our Proud President, Gilly Cutts, energized the meeting and encouraged us to get over our nerves in order to grow our confidence with public speaking. Toastmaster, Monica Chong, set a sweet tone, by asking us what flavour of ice cream we would be. Tim Wright, our timekeeper, compared the lights to the colours of the tube lines, and Stephan Von Posern challenged us with the word of the day, “Zeitgeist.”

Camilla Graham led a “sweet treat” table topic session. Saket Modi– my son’s birthday cake. Food Purist, Andrew Smith, advocates traditional British food. Jenny Cutler – has salty taste buds rather than a sweet tooth. Jo Holmes – don’t deprive your kids of sweets or they’ll end up like me. Tarry Whitehead-Patey– helped carry her friends out of a club, but split her chin. Clare Webb– weird recommendations: marmite & apples, and a bled butty (ketchup butter). Maggie Etheridge– rediscover great British beaches. Deborah Henley gave a marvelous TT evaluation in the allotted time.

The congenial Laura McCracken was our Sergeant-at-Arms, and introduced all of our guests.  While Claire Webb documented all the speeches on video.

Bryant Yates #8 – “Dress for Success”

“Great revelations, visual aid usage, & well researched” –Jessie Macneil-Brown

Andrew Chuks, Advance Speech– “Science of Change”

“Simple Structure, beautifully told personal stories” – Laura McCracken

Tory Craddock, Advance Speech – “It’s Up to You”

“Massively entertaining storytelling” – Kristie West

Nigel Cutts, Advance Speech – “Ask not what your country can do for you”

“He owned JFK’s powerful words” – Jo Holmes

Our charismatic General Evaluator, Simon Bucknall, gave some insightful feedback to the club as well as those who had not been evaluated during the meeting.

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